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VHEC is a company whose development is based on technical innovation, with a commitment to bring the highest satisfaction to customers. In addition, with the goal of contributing to societal development and becoming a bridge between Vietnam and Japan, we continue to create a comfortable working environment, empowering our employees to bring out their full potential at work.

Our staff, teeming with enthusiasm and desire for progress, aim to improve the quality of life of Vietnamese people.


Company information

Vision & mission

I would like to sincerely thank our partners, who have trusted and chosen to cooperate up to now.
With the business philosophy: "Applying advanced technical technology to enhance the value of life", we are trying our best to develop technological solutions and creating ideal conditions for employees to use the best of their abilities at work.
Since its establishment (in 2016), VHEC has always focused on software development activities. We are focusing on developing systems that require high reliability such as information systems and embedded systems. Thanks to a long period of working, studying and researching in Japan, we understand the business model in Japan very well. We are confident to provide the best quality products and techniques in accordance with the strict requirements of Japanese customers.
VHEC wishes to have long-term cooperation with Japanese partners in offshore software development and capitalize on the potential of the Vietnamese market. We hope to continue to receive the support and trust from our customers.

Leadership team

Our team is highly trained and has the right skills and techniques to support all areas of your business.


With a long track record with more than 100 projects in Japan and abroad, we are proud of our company's Japanese-standard service quality.

Development Field

We make full use of the cost-effective human resources in Vietnam to realize solutions at competitive prices.

Business system

VHEC can support the development of small to large business systems.


We have extensive experience in AI and IoT related systems in speech recognition/image recognition/machine learning, accounting, medical management, traffic inspection, agricultural applications, and more.


We have many years of experience in migrating different systems & data. Specifically, we have knowledge practical experience implementing many system reuse, cloud migration, migration know-how projects developed using VB6/Access.


Together with our customers, VHEC defines the software quality required in the DX era and provides all kinds of testing services for business systems, web, mobile, AI, IoT and automobile. Providing on-demand service, we will work with you to ensure tight delivery conditions.


ERP - a packaged product similar to SAP/Dynamic365/Salesforce that we recently developed and brought to the market, is an IT solution to achieve “efficiency in management and operations” and “acceleration in managerial decision-making processes”. VHEC provides comprehensive solutions from ERP system implementation to maintenance and operation, extended development support, and more.


VHEC specializes in automobile solutions such as developing, manufacturing, data matching, and designing ECU software for self-driving cars, software development for cars, brake control, automobile engine control.


Through strategic partners that are leading IT companies in Japan and Vietnam,
we leverage our extensive experience in many different IT issues and fields.

VHEC is a member of JDXP


News & Activities

VHEC's annual activities are always organized as a way to foster connections among our members.

Recruitment information

For those who aspire to create "awesome" values for themselves and the world.

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